Registered Massage Therapy

Manipulation of soft tissues, fascia (scar tissue) and joints of the body using various techniques to increase physical function, reduce tension and relieve pain. This treatment is adapted to the needs of the patient. The preferred booking time is 60 minutes, it gives enough time to assess the problem areas and also perform an efficient treatment while giving your body the appropriate time to adapt to the changes demanded.

Other Services

Let us help you get the most out of your training and prevent injuries by providing you with a training program designed to realign your body and rebalance out your strengths and weaknesses through specific personalized exercises as well as focused stretching.

Orthotic Fitting

Orthotic Fitting

We are one of Peak Orthotics affiliates. Whom provide premium custom foot orthotics, the manufacturer is based out of Courtenay, BC.  We assess your foot and figure out the range of motion challenges and painful areas. Then we cast a mold of your foot in its best position so that your custom orthotic is molded to your foot in its strongest most efficient position. We make sure that every bone is where we want it to be in the foot then we cast it.