Now in Smithers

Ukee and I are in Smithers

A few of you have asked me to resend my list of recommended practitioners in the Victoria area. Take into consideration that many of the massage therapists are not accepting new clients. That being said they may be able to provide recommendations of their own for other phenomenal practitioners.

I am happy to communicate with any of the therapists you choose.

Registered Massage Therapist :
Kelly Ayre - Soma Active Health
Tuula Kaltio - Soma Active Health
Christy Mader - Pearl healthcare
Judi Trost
Matthew Fleet - Method Massage
Robyn Rayner- RobynRayner
Chris Curran - Elements of Health

Harumi Inoue - Lumino Health

Jennifer Raye-jenniferraye
Anne Vardy - Anne Vardy
Fiona Peters R.Ac- Soma Active Health
Fiona Carnie- Dr. Fiona Carnie, Dr.TCM
Diana Alvarez- Acacia Health
Hemma Community Acupuncture

Steph Meiers - Cedar and Sage
Andrew Burk - Rebalance
Craig Babiuk - Vela
Lisa Munkley - Rise Health
Bryn Thompson - Rise Health

Kavan Yu - The Athlete Center
Richard Mcilmoyle - Achieve Health
Clark Konzack - Cedar Coast Chiropractic

Keira Shumuk - Real Fit
Samantha Butts - Horizon Athletics
Anna Marie De Zwager - Soma Active Health

David Laurin - Ocean Tides

Dr.Kim McQueen- Arbutus Physiotherapy
Dr. Maria Boorman- Maria payne boorman nd
Dr.Kelly Ferguson - Cardinal Point

Homeopath/life coach:
Lisa Rutherford- lisarutherford

Below are a few pictures of Equinox Health Clinic Smithers coming together and Ukee and I enjoying the outdoors.

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