Safe Restart / Our Plan

Plan for a safe return to clinical practice


1- Each morning the therapist will take their temperature and chart it.

2- Each morning the therapist will do a self-assessment for signs of COVID-19 related illness.

3- After entering the clinic, the first thing the therapist will do is to wash their hands.

4- Then proceed to disinfect all handles and light switches.

5- The clinician will wash their hands for 20 seconds before and after a treatment

6- Clinician will wear a face shield while within the 2m bubble of the client.

7- Between clients door handles and anything touched by the client will be disinfected.

8- At the end of the day the floor will get sanitized with the steam mop.


Clinic Space

There will be at all times 2m of physical distancing between people. exception, when the client is being tested/assessed or on the table receiving a treatment. And at this time the Clinician will be wearing a face shield.

Signs are posted at the door and at the payment station to mandate hand washing and strongly recommend avoiding to touch your face.


 Enhanced cleaning protocols

Bleach solution will be used on door handles and light switches

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide will be used on the face rest and armrest.

Ammonium Chloride will be used on the floors


Use of personal protective equipment as decided by individual RMTs and their patient.

Face shields will be worn by the therapist during treatment

Patients are suggested to wear a face mask and bring their own.

Face masks and gloves are provided by the clinic if need be.

Clinicians are not required to wear gloves during the treatment unless a cut or wound is on their hands.


Professional obligations, particularly related to informed consent and liability insurance

Awaiting letter from insurer from RMTBC

A consent form and knowledge of risk mitigation are sent to clients as they are booked in.

The clinician will call all clients a day prior to their treatment to assess their health, risk factors and if they have been in contact with anyone with COVID19

Verbal consent and acknowledgements of risks are discussed between the clinician and client upon entry

These are the points discussed and checked off by the online consent form:

  • any massage therapy treatment involves some risk of COVID-19 transmission;
  • the RMT is following a protocol to reduce or mitigate risk, but that risk cannot be reduced to zero;
  • the patient consents to treatment despite some risk;


Describe pre-screening processes to protect patients and therapists who will come into close contact during treatment delivery:

    1. Talk to the client about questions or apprehensions on the phone the day prior to treatment.
    2. A questionnaire sent to clients upon booking – screening for COVID19
    3. Banner on the booking website stating what to expect and what we are doing and what we expect from them.
    4. Posters on the door- asking to stay home if symptomatic and wash hands upon entry
    5. Verbal discussion upon entry, screening level of comfort with PPE and consent to treatment.


Outline the physical space of your practice setting, including distancing measures (2 metres / 6’ wherever possible),

After the client has washed their hands they will be instructed to payments and then to go take a seat. The clinician will be maintaining proper distancing during these movements.

After the treatment is over, the clinician will do reassessment and give any home care necessary and will then open the door and step back 2 m to let the client leave safely.


Detail your hand hygiene and cleaning protocols,

1-wash hands 20 sec according to the handwashing protocol before and after each client

2-wash hands 20 sec according to the handwashing protocol after cleaning

3- Bleach solution will be used on door handles and light switches between clients

4-Pure disinfectant, a Hospital grade mix of Accelerated hydrogen peroxide and Ammonium Chloride, will be used on the face rest and armrest. After every treatment

5-Pure disinfectant, a Hospital grade mix of Accelerated hydrogen peroxide and Ammonium Chloride, will be used on the floors at the end of the day


Extra times ( 15 minutes) has been added between clients for cleanliness

No thermaphore can be used

Air filter will be running 24/7

Keeping a cleaning schedule


Each day we will look for updates and keep you posted.


These are the guidelines we have to obey to have the opportunity to be back at work for May 19 onwards.