Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling

There’s a lot of information about seed cycling.

The major points are well described in the pdf document attached.

The summary is that it will help you build and eliminate the hormones in your system. Supporting your well being.

I made seed bars to reduce the day to day effort. They turned out really delicious. Stay tuned to see if the person that is using them will have a reduction in her headaches.


Seed Cycling recipe:


What Shoes to Wear!

The fight is real. You want to wear the cute shoes but they often are the worst thing for your feet.

Here are a few suggestions of shoes that have the 3 key components that you are looking for when rehabilitating your feet from fallen arches, planar fasciitis, ankle sprains and most feet issues.

1) A flat shoe... sorry ladies, no heels. It really damages the cartilage under your toes and destroys your metatarsal arch. 

Drink Water!

Every Morning, first think when you get up have a glass of water.


because you haven't drank any water for 8 hours and your body needs it.


If you need more reasons here's an article from

1. Drinking water first thing in the morning immediately helps rehydrate the body.

Relaxing the abdomen

Now a day, we are very concerned with keeping a tight stomach and trying to sit as tall as we can. The issue is, we harvest a lot of stress in our abdomen and by keeping it tight all of the time we perpetuate the issue. I'm not saying to slouch, and I'm not saying to let it all hang out all of the time. I'm saying to learn how to have good posture and how to let go of tension. Here are some exercises to gain control of your stomach in  tension and in relaxation. These will also help your abdominal content to move properly and may help moderate digestive issues.